Natura Cleanse - Would not return my money

Madison, Wisconsin 1 comment
Not resolved

I ordered a natural cleanse on line. I agreed to there terms and tried it. It did not work so the next bottle I put on it refused, return to sender and cancel. I could not remember the terms and that is how I send everything back

I noticed a Natural Beauty charge of 81.83 on my bank statement with no number to call to find out what it is for so I filed a complaint with the Charging people.

Finally today I got another bottle and opened it and called the no. on it

and got no where. They refused to refund my money. This has been going on since Nov. and I assumed they were refunding my money until now. I need that money I am on dissability and am stressed.

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I ordered natura cleanse,did not work so I returned it 1-12-2011 still have not received my refund.Ispoke to an attorney who said we should all band together and have a large suit against this co.Lets do it!

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